Kite Strings

It’s tough being a teenager. Tougher being one in a Muslim household. 

When Kite Strings begins, Mehnaz is 13 years old. There’s a full blown feud at home between her father and her uncle and Mehnaz is puzzled at how something so small can cause two brothers to drift apart from each other. 

Mehnaz is your regular teenager, a rebel without a cause, and she questions everything. Her mother’s attitude towards her aunt confuses her. Both of them hate her, but her mother refuses to acknowledge it. Mehnaz wishes for a normal life. One where she can go for a movie with her friends and not come back feeling like a criminal. 

Mehnaz’s story continues as she turns into a young woman. There’s her cousin Rehana who opts for an early marriage, her cousin Basheer who has gone away from their lives and Imtiaz, the boy across the terrace who makes her heart beat faster. 

A coming of age novel, Kite Strings holds a special place in my heart because it was the very first story that emerged from me. Mehnaz is me. I am not Mehnaz though. 


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