When She Went Away

There are some stories that never leave you, regardless of the number of years that have passed. Maria’s story is something that has stayed with me, for nearly two decades now.

What can cause a woman to leave her husband and her two children and go away somewhere, never to come back, never to call, never to contact them again? Is a woman always, first, a mother? Maria, all of sixteen, cannot comprehend how her mother can just leave them and walk away one day. Who is going to make their breakfast? Who’s going to make sure she studies? Why does she have to grow up, all too soon?

When She Went Away came together in my head, first with the name French Toast. If you read the book, you’ll know why I chose that name. But after discussions with  my publishers, we decided on this, for various reasons. It lent an air of mystery while at the same time, did not potentially land the book in the recipe section (which has happened with More than Just Biryani!)

Maria, Saud, their parents, Sharmila and of course, K are the characters who populate this story. Come, join their world.

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