Time will Tell

Time will Tell, as the name suggests, takes you into the future. Tamanna is searching for Manoj and she hopes to find him with the help of her cute classmate Rajat. Rajat of course has developed feelings for Tamanna and considering how much of Rajat there is in this book, you might want to decide if you’re Team Manoj or Team Rajat! Teen drama! Yay!

After racking my brains on how to end this series, after heated discussions with family members about time travel (where everyone had their own theories), I finally figured out what to do. Sci-fi aficionados, please forgive me if you find my time travel conjectures infuriating. I’m sorry if I’ve enraged you. It was not my intention. I just wanted to write an impossible love story and throw in time travel for the heck of it! 


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