No Time for Goodbyes

A girl finds an old Polaroid photograph in her attic and gets sucked into the past. Thirty years to be exact. This girl, Tamanna, finds herself in her mother’s past and gets to see her mother’s hideous fashion sense, first hand. As if that wasn’t scarring enough, she also gets to see the boy whom her mother and her two sisters have a collective crush on. Ick. 

But what will Tamanna do when she finds herself drawn to this boy, Manoj, herself? And why hasn’t she seen him in her own present? Who is Manoj, or rather where is Manoj?

This first book of The Tamanna Trilogy didn’t take too long to write. I just had to trouble the cool kids of the 80s, (my uncles) and ask them all about what teens did back then and the book wrote itself. The trouble was trying to figure out what I was going to do with Manoj and Tamanna.


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