Back in Time

Tamanna who is still stuck in the 80s realizes that she’s in love with Manoj. The good thing is that he feels the same about her too. But they’re still all wrong for each other and they still don’t know how they will go back to Tamanna’s time, together. 

Add to this a generous dose of snuff laden Dragon-Amma, Ajji’s sister-in-law who has her own designs on Ajji’s property! Back in Time takes the story forward and leaves the readers at a cliffhanger, where they may want to hunt down the author and kill her for leaving them in suspense. 

Don’t kill me yet! My publishers brought out Time will Tell that very year and you can read the full story there! The accident scene in Back in Time was taken from my own personal experience. Trust a writer to turn that also into source material. We just can’t help ourselves!


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