The Sum of All My Parts

For a book that was written in 2011, it’s high time this book was published and sent out into the world.

I sometimes consider my books to be my babies and this one, is the most loved one of them all. It took me so long to get the stories together, to align them so that they overlapped with Mariam’s and to make sure that every detail mattered. But at the moment, it all seems like a dream. I am hoping my readers will love Mariam and her story as much as I love her.

Here’s what The Sum of All my Parts is all about, followed by a link from where you can buy it.

The Sum of All my Parts is a gripping and poignant story that centers on women and relationships. It has everything, be it tragedy, heartbreak, courage, conviction, catharsis, humour or romance. The protagonist, Mariam, is living the retired life of an old woman in a quiet Vellore suburb. She teaches four woman how to crochet and all of them recount their lives while crocheting. their time together is refuge for them all. 

Of these four woman, one is merely 15, already married and pregnant, but doesn’t want the child. The second has been married for 3 years but hasn’t conceived yet. The third is in love with someone who is not her husband and is scared to break free from the shackles of marriage. And the fourth is sick of managing her home, son and mother-in-law all by herself, while her husband lives and works in Dubai. 

All the stories blend seamlessly. The conceptualization is brilliant and the narrative us beautiful. this engrossing tale of the lives of four ordinary women will surely invoke myriad feelings in the reader.

(Not my words. Amazon’s)

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