Thankfully, the oven didn’t explode!

I’ve always found baking very therapeutic. No wait. Glamorous. It was why I tried my hand at it from the time I was 12. Several rock hard cakes and broken molars later, I’ve managed to get the cakes right. But last year I kind of miscalculated the size of a baking pan for my son’s birthday and got one that wouldn’t rotate inside my microwave/convection oven.

Ideally, I should have removed the batter into smaller tins but that was *such* a pain because I’d already lined this tin with baking parchment and I was lazy to redo the whole thing. So I went ahead and pushed the pan inside and managed to bake the cake, despite my oven’s protests. So, what happened was that the pan would rotate, get stuck and go beep, beep, beep. Then I’d pause the timer. Open the door. Turn the pan a bit and close the door. Rinse. Repeat.

Obviously, this kind of misuse has hurt my oven. It has not been the same, ever since. It creaks, groans and makes the most horrifying noises, to remind me that I have done irreparable damage to it. Once I was reheating something and it started making a lot of loud beeping noises that sounded like a precursor to an explosion. I immediately switched it off and stepped back, but thankfully, the oven didn’t explode, that day, or ever.

But it was like someone switched on a bulb right above my head. That’s a wonderful name for a book! Write it down.

I decided to do one better and write down the book too.

So, here we are people. Will the Oven Explode? is available exclusively on the Juggernaut app. And the good news is that the book is available as an e-book on the Juggernaut website as well!

What are you waiting for? Hit the download button already and come back to tell me what you think of it!


Book no. 8

Hello! I’m thrilled to report that book no. 8, When she Went Away is coming out in October, 2015. My lovely publishers, Duckbill, finally gave the go ahead and asked me to share the cover with the world at large, so here I am.


This book is a young adult novel, and I’ll be sharing the synopsis soon. Duckbill is one of the publishing houses I really respect and I love their work. I’m thrilled to be publishing a book with them.

I’m all agog on social media, sharing this cover with everyone, clogging up their timelines and causing people to probably block me. But it’s an amazing feeling when you can share the cover of a book that you’ve written with the world.

When you start writing a book, that first page, those first few lines, those doubts –  believe me, it takes guts to forge ahead and just write. And write. And that is just the easy part.

Editing, marketing and publishing all these take up so much time and there’s a whole lot of effort that goes into it. So yes, the day I get to share the cover with everyone is indeed a special day. And no, it does not grow old. Even if you’ve already published seven novels.