Creative Writing Workshops with Nutcracker

Life works in strange ways. A couple of years ago, I met Sajita Nair when I discovered that she was working in

Reading Hour with Aruna Nambiar

Aruna and I were published together in 2005, as part of a collection of short stories called Curtains, stories by

A Little Girl in a Big City

BLF (Bangalore Literature Festival) came and went away too soon. It was like, one minute I was getting excited Friday

Reading Hour with Anjum Hasan

There are so many times when you’re reading a book, and you wish you could ask the author something. Right?

Mentoring young minds

In the last week of October, I headed to PSBB LLA school in Bannerghatta Road where I was a mentor

A book launch is not just a book launch!

There’s a huge difference between your first book launch and your (no idea which) later ones. The first noticeable difference

Reading Hour with Anuja

Yes, I know this is nearly two weeks late but I’ve been really busy and there’s been no time to

Show, don’t tell!

Any writer worth their salt will tell you how important it is to show, not tell, especially when you are

Getting ideas

One of the questions I’ve always been asked is, how I get my ideas. I wish I could tell exactly

What’s in a name?

  Judy Balan, author of the best selling novel Two Fates, Sophie Says and the more recent Nina the Philosopher

Working around writer’s block

If there’s one thing every other writer will tell you or post on Facebook or tweet, is that they’re having

Reading Hour with Abhijit Bhaduri

In August, the Reading Hour session was held with Abhijit Bhaduri, Chief Learning Officer at Wipro and author of Mediocre

Five things I can do now that I’ve finished writing my novel

So I finished writing my novel last night. My twelfth novel. I still remember the exhilaration I’d felt when I

Writing unforgettable characters

When I’m reading a book, what stays with me after I’ve finished reading is not just the plot but the

Reading Hour with Samar Halarnkar

If you’re in Bangalore, you must visit Atta Galatta in Koramangala. It’s a lovely book shop and cafe that is

Book no. 8

Hello! I’m thrilled to report that book no. 8, When she Went Away is coming out in October, 2015. My

Five Writing Tips

Many people have asked me over the years about how I write and I’ve always felt weird giving this answer.