My Brother’s Wedding

When Saba’s family started looking for a girl for her brother, she had no idea that life as she knew it would change forever. For one, there were those numerous ‘girl-seeing’ sessions that her sister Rabia and mother went to, coming back and gloating/lamenting about how each girl was uglier than the next.

What’s a girl to do? Start a blog, naturally. An anonymous blog where she can take potshots at everyone. Her crafty and dominating sister especially gets quite a few mentions. So does her good looking cousin Shahid who seems to have suddenly developed a hotness quotient. And a high one at that.

My Brother’s Wedding is a family favourite. Everyone thought I was actually writing a story about my brother Junaid’s wedding, considering that he had a pretty unconventional one (he’s married to a Chinese girl who now lives with us and goes by the tongue twister of a name, Uroosa and Ping Ping) But the story in My Brother’s Wedding is entirely fictional. Unless of course you discount the fact that my siblings think that I bear a strangely interesting resemblance to Rabia. 


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