More than Just Biryani

Tahera, Zubi and Ruqayya represent three generations of women from one family. The one thing that binds them together is food. Tahera loves cooking for her husband to whom she’s devoted. The ordinariness of everyday food gets exalted by her touch. When life takes a tragic turn, she turns to food to bring peace to her soul. 

Ruqayya, educated, bright and daring is a contradiction in her in-laws’ family. Cooking is something she has never given attention to and neither does she want to. But she does discover the joy of desserts. Something sweet that entices the taste buds and it’s what helps her make a mark for herself. 

Zubi, complicated and seemingly unmoved by her husband Khaled’s feelings for her, struggles to find her own identity in the teeming mass of life that is Hong Kong. It is to the kitchen that she turns, although not in the way her mother and grandmother did, before her. 

More than Just Biryani started out as a recipe book and then evolved into fiction. It was a story that blossomed inside me when I saw a video of my father at a wedding just three months before he died. My mother looked radiant, happy and completely clueless of how her life would change very soon. It was what inspired the first line of More than Just Biryani.


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