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Show, don’t tell!

Any writer worth their salt will tell you how important it is to show, not tell, especially when you are writing a work of fiction. You’ve probably heard it at many creative writing workshops and yet, when you’re writing, you don’t know how to make sure you’re showing and not telling. Hmm? I won’t say I have this in the… Read more →

Getting ideas

One of the questions I’ve always been asked is, how I get my ideas. I wish I could tell exactly how but it’s not really possible to tell how my mind works right? In fact, there are times when I don’t know what it is that has prompted me or provoked me into a writing something. As a writer you’re… Read more →

Working around writer’s block

If there’s one thing every other writer will tell you or post on Facebook or tweet, is that they’re having writer’s block at some point or the other in their writing career. Of course, if you are a writer, you know for a fact that writer’s block can strike you unawares and the novel that you were working on is… Read more →

Writing unforgettable characters

When I’m reading a book, what stays with me after I’ve finished reading is not just the plot but the characters as well. So I asked my Twitter friends to tell me some of the characters in fiction that they find unforgettable. Quite a few people responded and it’s added several books to my reading list as well. The Kite… Read more →

Five Writing Tips

Many people have asked me over the years about how I write and I’ve always felt weird giving this answer. See, I may be writing my 12th novel, even as I blog here, but I don’t feel like I can honestly tell others how to do it. Still, people ask me for tips and I thought I could come up… Read more →