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Reading Hour with Aruna Nambiar

Aruna and I were published together in 2005, as part of a collection of short stories called Curtains, stories by 9 women. Even in that selection, I have to admit, her stories had its own brand of gentle humour that brought a smile to your face. When her debut novel Mango Cheeks, Metal Teeth came out a couple of years… Read more →

Reading Hour with Anjum Hasan

There are so many times when you’re reading a book, and you wish you could ask the author something. Right? I’m so happy to be doing Reading Hour because that’s exactly what I get to do. Ask authors questions that play in my mind as I read their work. How cool is that? So, on 14th November, Atta Galatta was… Read more →

Reading Hour with Anuja

Yes, I know this is nearly two weeks late but I’ve been really busy and there’s been no time to put anything down. Sorry guys! So here’s a quick recap of the event we did with Anuja at Atta Galatta. Anuja turned up ten minutes before the event, proceeded to sign books and pose for selfies graciously and fans (including… Read more →

Reading Hour with Abhijit Bhaduri

In August, the Reading Hour session was held with Abhijit Bhaduri, Chief Learning Officer at Wipro and author of Mediocre But Arrogant and Married but Available and Don’t Hire the Best. On a cool Saturday evening, we sat down at Atta Galatta for some conversation and coffee. Thankfully it was not raining and the atmosphere was perfect. Abhijit is good… Read more →

Reading Hour with Samar Halarnkar

If you’re in Bangalore, you must visit Atta Galatta in Koramangala. It’s a lovely book shop and cafe that is also home to numerous cultural events. I’ve held quite a few events for my books here and was invited to be a part of Reading Hour in 2014 with Kavery Nambisan and Nandita Bose was the most gracious host of… Read more →