Blinkers Off


Noorjehan, the unfashionably named protagonist of Blinkers Off, realizes she has a crush on Dennis, the boyfriend of the class diva Supriya. Things come to a head when they have to shoot a film documentary at a wedding where Dennis has a personal stake. It’s his friend’s sister’s wedding.

Amid all the family drama of a wedding, Noor uncovers the reason for the bride’s unhappiness and the role she has in resolving it nearly turns the wedding upside down. Meanwhile, there’s also Dennis giving her confusing signals. He’s definitely with Supriya and yet he finds himself drawn to her. Or is it just her imagination?

Blinkers Off, my second novel was a fun ride. I really enjoyed writing it. Someone asked me, how come a guy like Dennis finds himself falling for Noor? I don’t know the reason myself. But hey, just because the guy is gorgeous and the girl is average looking and even a bit plump, sparks can’t fly? They can’t? Well, they just did. In my book.

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