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Ten Questions I was asked

Kanchana Bannerjee, fellow writer and friend whom I interviewed for my blog sometime back, returned the favour and asked me ten questions on her blog. You can read the full interview and visit her amazing website here – Meanwhile here are her questions and my answers – Q1. The series of stories that you are doing with Juggernaut, how… Read more →

A Sweet Deal

For those who don’t know, Juggernaut published one of my cutest/sweetest romances in early April. It’s called A Sweet Deal. Download the book from the website/app here. Meanwhile, here’s a free preview.     Chapter One What to do when you drop your Kindle in the toilet? Rumana taps out the question on her phone, her fingers shaking slightly. The… Read more →

Train Journeys – What they were and what they are

The truth is, there is nothing romantic about train journeys any more. Years ago, when I was wondering what to write after my first novel, I thought of a romance that takes place on a train journey and even started writing it. I gave up after a few chapters because I wasn’t convinced about anything – the characters, the situation… Read more →

It Waits

A long time ago, no wait, this isn’t the story, this is what really happened, a long time ago because that was when I was in school. So yeah, a long, long time ago, when I was in std. 6, my class was squashed into this classroom which had been converted from a dormitory. For some reason, our classroom was… Read more →

The Girls I Could Have Been

In January, while I was conducting creative writing workshops for children at a literature festival, I tried explaining to those present about the necessity of having grey shades in every character; after all, people are not completely bad or good in real life. I needn’t have bothered, because the children were completely into the bad guys. Who were their favourite… Read more →

A Never Ending Affair with Writing

Well, Valentine’s Day is tomorrow and it doesn’t make even a smidgen of difference to me. Yes, really. I write romances because I like the genre (and I enjoy reading them as well) but that’s about it. I thought it would be nice however, to put up this little chat I had with my friend Kanchana Bannerjee whose book A… Read more →

For the love of paperbacks

I’m an early adopter of all things technology. Well most things technology at least. Okay whatever-gets-through-my-brain technology. And I love it. I love my Kindle more than my phone and that’s saying something. Even if there’s no chance of reading anything, I make sure I have it with me because who knows I might get stuck in traffic and whatever… Read more →

6 signs you are about to be dumped

So, relationship advice is not really my thing. I listen to friends when they want to vent and commiserate but that’s about it. I feel rather inadequate when it comes to giving advice. The reason why I’m talking about relationship advice is because in my book, Will the Oven Explode?, my protagonist Ayn has no clue that her husband is… Read more →

A chat with Zainab Sulaiman

Zainab and I met early last year when our common publishers treated us for ice cream (yes, they’re very cool like that!) and we met on and off at book launches etc. Unfortunately, I couldn’t attend the book launch of Simply Nanju but I had the pleasure of reading it recently. What can I say? Totally wowed by it. In… Read more →

In all its crunchy glory

Ta-da! Here’s the cover of my new book:     Isn’t it lovely? I’m so excited! In fact, I’m fresh out of words to describe how cool it is.  I’m just waiting to hold it in my hand (December, 2016, come soon!) and I’m also nervously waiting for reactions from readers. Sometimes, some characters walk into my head and demand… Read more →

An award shortlist!

I didn’t expect to be back here so soon. Honest. I thought the next time I blog, it would be for some big cover reveal for the food+romance series. But was I wrong! I woke up this morning, blearily sent off kid 1 to school, tried to catch a few winks before kid 2 would ask for breakfast, dreamed something… Read more →


  While I’ve been out of the blogging scene, I’ve been busy writing. Yes! I’ve written two books and the third is 3/4 written and all have the theme of food+romance. What is that, you ask? Well, it’s not yet a genre (really? I need to check) but I realised that I love writing about food and somehow a romance… Read more →

My latest baby, Asmara

Sometime in early 2015, I was beginning to slightly panic. I hadn’t written a word in all of 2014. It was a self-imposed sabbatical from writing because I’d already written ten books by then, seven of which were published by the end of 2014. I thought I needed to stay away from writing, recharge my creative batteries as it were.… Read more →

Our first workshop

On 5th March, as I left home to go to Atta Galatta for our first Nutcracker workshop, I was slightly nervous but there was more anticipation than anxiety. I loved meeting new people, talking to them, helping them along in their journey as writers, and here we were, Sajita and I, embarking on our first workshop, because we loved doing… Read more →

Reading Hour with Aruna Nambiar

Aruna and I were published together in 2005, as part of a collection of short stories called Curtains, stories by 9 women. Even in that selection, I have to admit, her stories had its own brand of gentle humour that brought a smile to your face. When her debut novel Mango Cheeks, Metal Teeth came out a couple of years… Read more →

A Little Girl in a Big City

BLF (Bangalore Literature Festival) came and went away too soon. It was like, one minute I was getting excited Friday evening for BLF 2015, and the next minute it was Sunday night and I was coming back home, exhausted. Nevertheless, it was an exciting two days, and I felt pretty amazed that I was able to participate in it. My… Read more →

Reading Hour with Anjum Hasan

There are so many times when you’re reading a book, and you wish you could ask the author something. Right? I’m so happy to be doing Reading Hour because that’s exactly what I get to do. Ask authors questions that play in my mind as I read their work. How cool is that? So, on 14th November, Atta Galatta was… Read more →

Mentoring young minds

In the last week of October, I headed to PSBB LLA school in Bannerghatta Road where I was a mentor at a creative writing workshop held by Katha. Along with other mentors such as Vikram Sridhar, Mamta Sagar and Kausalya Saptharishi, we worked with a huge group of children each, for three days. Children from South Indian cities such as… Read more →