Asmara’s Summer

When 17 year old Asmara moves to Tannery Road to stay with her grandparents for a month, she knows her summer vacations are going to be awful. Well, at least that’s what she thinks. But she has no idea that her life is going to change forever.

There are so many people to contend with – her nani who’s upset that Asmara never visits, her neighbour’s daughter Rukhsana who Asmara reluctantly befriends, hottie Farzaan who finds her attitude towards everyone condescending, and of course, Akhtar Begum who leaves no opportunity to taunt Asmara. What’s a girl got to do?


Writing Asmara’s Summer was so much fun, right from the time I conceived the idea, to the time I wrote it down. And I can’t get over how cute that cover design is. It maybe my 9th book, but I’m glad the thrill of seeing my name on the cover never gets old.


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