Micro-horror stories I wrote for the Juggernaut blog

Juggernaut asked me if I could write creepy scary stories in 50 words or less. Challenge accepted, I said. And this is what I came up with, and their illustrator helpfully upped the creepy levels.

Pigeons are evil

The Collector of Faces

I did dream about this once. Hated aquarium fish ever since.

Sentient cars could be a thing!

Caught in a tumble cycle

Groundhog day comes to your neighbourhood park


Everyone loves a nice, chilling, horror story no? If you have any micro horror stories to share, send them over to Juggernaut, hmm? They’re going to give away free digital copies of It Waits to the best stories. You could also download it from the Juggernaut app/website here –

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