It Waits

A long time ago, no wait, this isn’t the story, this is what really happened, a long time ago because that was when I was in school. So yeah, a long, long time ago, when I was in std. 6, my class was squashed into this classroom which had been converted from a dormitory. For some reason, our classroom was really far away from the rest of the middle school and most of the time we rejoiced in it because it took teachers forever to trudge up to our classroom from the main buildings and it shaved off at least ten minutes from each class.


What was interesting was the moody atmosphere that would brew over the classroom when it rained or when the weather was a little cold. Perfect for telling of ghost stories in those little interludes before the teachers came. Another girl and I often took turns to tell everyone these ghost stories. Of course, I didn’t know any ghost stories of my own, and I was mostly telling them stories of black and white Hindi movies I’d seen (which I was very sure no one else would have and they were more atmospheric than scary). The other girl of course petrified us with her stories of vampires (they were not stunning or gorgeous or desirable back then. Just blood thirsty creatures whom no one could kill) and at night I often woke up in cold sweat thinking that surely something was lurking somewhere.


Now years later, I’ve tried my hand at writing something scary-ish. A small but important part of this story actually came to me in a dream and I clung to it because I thought it was a great story. It took me a year to find the right publisher for it, someone who was willing to give this absurd and fantastical story a chance and Juggernaut was that publisher. In fact, this was the very first book I signed up with them last year, even before Will the Oven Explode.
And tada, here it is! After some heavy duty editing (much of which I cried and grumbled and cursed my way through, and yet it was so important, so I’ll just shut up now), It Waits is up on the Juggernaut website. Download, read and tell me what you think?