6 signs you are about to be dumped

So, relationship advice is not really my thing. I listen to friends when they want to vent and commiserate but that’s about it. I feel rather inadequate when it comes to giving advice.

The reason why I’m talking about relationship advice is because in my book, Will the Oven Explode?, my protagonist Ayn has no clue that her husband is not happy. Not until he walks out of their marriage, leaving her stunned.

So, according to the Juggernaut blog, here are 6 signs that you are about to be dumped. Don’t be like Ayn. Be forewarned.

Also, it’s been a week now, since the book was published on Juggernaut and the response has been overwhelming and fantastic. In case you’re not aware, Juggernaut publishes books on their mobile app and now website too. So, Will the Oven Explode? is in e-book form only for now, and is priced at Rs.30 (yes).

Download the book today and do rate/review it on the website. Would also love comments etc here too.