In all its crunchy glory


Here’s the cover of my new book:



cover_final-1Isn’t it lovely? I’m so excited! In fact, I’m fresh out of words to describe how cool it is.  I’m just waiting to hold it in my hand (December, 2016, come soon!) and I’m also nervously waiting for reactions from readers.

Sometimes, some characters walk into my head and demand I write a story for them. That’s what happened with Aliya and Sameer.

Aliya is this modern, straining-at-parental-controls young woman, who foolishly decides that getting married to Kamaal might give her a measure of freedom. Because he owns a restaurant and yes, because he’s hot.

Of course, nothing goes according to plan. Her ex, Sameer, literally the one who got away, turns up at the restaurant and he’s actually the head chef. And uff tauba, his hotness, do not even ask.

What’s a girl to do? Huh?

Pre-order here and wait. It will be worth it! Promise!