An award shortlist!

I didn’t expect to be back here so soon. Honest. I thought the next time I blog, it would be for some big cover reveal for the food+romance series. But was I wrong! I woke up this morning, blearily sent off kid 1 to school, tried to catch a few winks before kid 2 would ask for breakfast, dreamed something weird in the interim, checked my phone when Facebook and Google Photos reminded me that last year, on this day, we launched When She Went Away.

Aww, I thought. It’s already a year! Then I went about doing other boring stuff like making tea and again checked Facebook on my phone and there was an announcement from about The Hindu-Goodbooks Awards shortlist.

I thought to myself, heh, I never make it into any of these. So I shouldn’t even bother checking because it just feels so godawful when I don’t see my name there. And then I clicked the link, scrolled down and sorry to use an awful cliche, but my heart literally stopped.

My name was there! For When She Went Away. I blinked, hit refresh, waited for page to load through the disgustingly slow internet connection and then expected to read some other name instead of mine. But no! It was my name out there! Woo!

I immediately shared the link with Sayoni, my publisher at Duckbill and because I couldn’t wait for the ticks to turn blue, I called and told her and both she and Anushka were thrilled. The rest of my day has been spent hitting like on everyone who congratulates me on Facebook. Naturally, we have been very productive today, my dears.

If you haven’t read the book, you can order When She Went Away from Amazon here. To read the e-book, download the Juggernaut app and read it here.

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