Creative Writing Workshops with Nutcracker

Life works in strange ways. A couple of years ago, I met Sajita Nair when I discovered that she was working in the same organization where I had joined. We used to have a few small chats together, every now and then, but she left soon after, although we’d stayed in touch.

It’s now time for me to leave and I’d been seriously wondering what to do next when Sajita messaged to wish me for the new year. We got chatting and both of us realized that we wanted to do the same thing. Organize and conduct Creative Writing Workshops! And thus, that’s how I joined Nutcracker, which was something that she had already set up.

So Nutcracker ( started taking proper shape. We met on weekends and decided to hold our first creative writing workshop in Atta Galatta.

Registrations are open right now! So don’t wait! Sign up to attend the first workshop on 5th and 6th March and it’s your chance to work with us! We have just a few seats left!

Also, Nutcracker is planning it’s next workshop as well, and a workshop for children too! What can I say? I’m having fun!

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