A Little Girl in a Big City

BLF (Bangalore Literature Festival) came and went away too soon. It was like, one minute I was getting excited Friday evening for BLF 2015, and the next minute it was Sunday night and I was coming back home, exhausted. Nevertheless, it was an exciting two days, and I felt pretty amazed that I was able to participate in it. My session was on Sunday evening and we had a decent sized, interested crowd. And although I kept telling people, I didn’t relate to our topic – A Little Girl in a Big City, at the end of the two days, I pretty much felt like that, creaky knees notwithstanding.

Meeting old friends and making new ones was pretty much the highlight of the two day fest. I’m not really a social person, and I really prefer to bury my head in a book than talk to people (some people I know have just gasped loudly, and then whispered ‘liar’) but it’s true! But it’s occasions like these that I put on a smile and hope for the best.

Some pics and a video of our session below!

During our session.


My books on display at BLF