Reading Hour with Abhijit Bhaduri

In August, the Reading Hour session was held with Abhijit Bhaduri, Chief Learning Officer at Wipro and author of Mediocre But Arrogant and Married but Available and Don’t Hire the Best.

On a cool Saturday evening, we sat down at Atta Galatta for some conversation and coffee. Thankfully it was not raining and the atmosphere was perfect.



Abhijit is good fun and I developed a really good rapport with him during the course of our conversation where he cleverly tried to steer the questions towards me instead of answering them right away!

Since the topic was about how authors play God with their characters I asked him if he liked it. His answer wasn’t straight but from what I gleaned I think authors don’t have much choice. So there isn’t really a question of liking it or not.


Then we got talking about his love for the oxymoron as is demonstrated in the names of his books – Mediocre but Arrogant and Married but Available. Abhijit joked that if he writes a third one it could be called  Middle-aged but Attractive.

Students are often known to keep derisive nicknames for their professors and he too has kept plenty for his professors as is evident in the book. I wanted to know if he knew what his students had nicknamed him but he didn’t know. Ideally, we should have had a student of his in the audience too!


We also spoke about the life of students in the 80s as opposed to the lives of students today. One thing that stands out probably is that students today end up treating support staff like furniture and often don’t even know their names.

One of the things we also talked about was his consistent blogging. I wanted to know how he stays motivated enough to continue it from so long. He admitted he started off by uploading his entire novel on his blog at first and then removing it when he realised that that’s not what blogs are about. Abhijit blogs about his work, his interests and reviews movies and books as well. Check out his blog at his website

Abhijit also gave us some tips on Twitter. He suggested that people who are either useful or interesting get more followers and ideally you should be a little of both. I’m trying Abhijit! I’m trying.


Reading Hour August was enjoyable and good fun. We hope more people will show up for the next session in September. Just a heads up to everyone. We’re getting Anuja Chauhan for September and it’s on 20th September. Don’t miss that!

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